Tailor-made web and desktop solutions

Ideal tools, ideal solutions

Indevit Solutions was founded by Peter Hertsbacka and Christoffer Smeds in 2011. Since the start, our core work has been tailor-made web and desktop solutions for the industrial sector.

How we work

We are with you from start to finish. Our work process can be described in five steps.

  1. Analyzing workflow and customer needs: This is where everything starts. Since no companies are completely alike, getting a full understanding of workflow and the business process is essential.
  2. Problem areas and solutions: Together with the customer we set up clear targets of what needs to be done and how to achieve those targets.
  3. Development: We believe in high transparency. Using our own project management tool Mercury, our customers get full insight into our development process.
  4. Setup and training: After we have completed our development we make sure you fully know how everything works.
  5. Support and maintenance: If any issues occur - we are always standing by to assist.