We are

Indevit Solutions,

a company of skilled business developers and software engineers striving to create world-class software for your processes, right here in Ostrobothnia.

We've thrown out our old website and are getting a newer, faster model in September.

Since you are browsing our website you might already have an idea of software that could improve or integrate your processes. Come chat with us about it!

We are at our very best when we work closely with our customers — engineers and end users engaged in iterative discussion, together writing software that fits you.

Contact Marica Öst to start working with us:

Marica Öst
Business Developer & Project Manager
040 1801482

Or any of us here:

Peter Hertsbacka
Business Systems Specialist
050 3589269
Christoffer Smeds
Business Systems Specialist & CEO
050 3310905
Jonathan Svahn
Software Architect & CTO
050 9182903